Monarch 9416TT
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Kvalitetsprinter som tar liten plass.

Passer til alle typer termo og termo transfer etiketter.

Monarch 9416 desktop thermal direct printer is versatile, has a small footprint and fits in anywhere. In the store, your sales associates can print out a new label or tag instantly, speeding returned merchandise back to the floor or returning it to the distribution center or vendor. Equally at home on the shipping dock, it quickly moves merchandise out the door with routing or shipping labels. Its simple design makes it easy to operate!

When the work space is tight, this Monarch printer is

  • Retail Pricing
  • Point-of-Sale Returns
  • Parts and Work-in-Process Item ID and Tracking

Monarch 9416 Printer Features:

  • Returns
  • Easy-to-load design
  • Graphics


Featuring a leading edge processor, the Monarch 9416 printer can print at speeds of up to 5ips, increasing productivity when quick label or tag turnaround is essential.


Need a printer that can print on a wide array of supplies? With the Monarch 9416 printer, you can print labels, tags or receipts. Select from non-indexed, continuous, die cut, black mark, roll or fanfold, liner or linerless. Combine this with an easy-to-load clamshell design, and you've got a printer that works with YOUR supply requirements and is easy to use.


The Monarch 9416 printer may be small, but it's big on memory, featuring 2MB of RAM and 1MB of Flash. With more memory to work with, print jobs go faster, increasing productivity. If this standard memory still isn't enough, memory upgrade options are available in increments of 2MB, 4MB, 6MB and 8MB.

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